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Experience report from a Center integrated in an European Reference Network

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  • Authors:: Nadia Laezza, Inês Pessanha, José Pedro Lopes, Catarina Cunha,Maria Francelina Lopes
  • Congress / Event:: I Encontro Iternato Medico Da Zona Centro
  • Date:: 16 November 2018

 European Reference Networks (ERN) are virtual networks of healthcare centers in Europe that promote interchange of experienceand knowledge through cooperation for clinical discussion of rare or complex cases.

The first twenty-four ERN were created in 2017, involving over 900 highly specialized healthcare units and more than 300 hospitals of 26 countries of the European Union.


Report our experience as Pediatric Surgery Residents working in a Center integrated in the ERNTRANSPLANT-CHILD.

Pediatric Surgery Residents could benefit from an active participation in the ERNTRANSPLANT-CHILD, specifically in the area of Pediatric Liver Transplantation (PLT).

For 25 years we have been the only National Reference Center for PLT. However, when compared to other European countries, our vast experience is restricted by the lower volume of cases.

Our Center (CHUC) is included in ten ERNs, among them, the ERNTRANSPLANT-CHILD, which is related to children transplantation.


The involvement of the young resident in ERN promotes the early creation of international synergies in medical practice, implies multiple advantages in our training and should be stimulated in different Hospitals.

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