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ERN Virtual Advisory Boards: CPMS

  European Reference Networks (ERNs) are virtual networks involving healthcare providers across Europe. They aim to tackle complex or rare diseases and conditions that require highly specialised treatment and a concentration of knowledge and resources. To review a patient’s diagnosis and treatment, ERN coordinators convene ‘virtual’ advisory boards of medical specialists across different disciplines, using a dedicated IT platform, CPMS.

Clinical Patient Management System, CPMS, is a secure web-based application to support European Reference Networks in the diagnosis and treatment of rare or low prevalence complex diseases or conditions across national borders. The main objective of the CPMS is to provide tools for virtual consultation and collaboration.


 The first step to access de Clinical Patient Management System is to create an EU login.

The EU login will be the validation method to enter both ERN platforms ECP (European Collaborative Platform) and CPMS (Clinical Patient Management System). 

Once the user has the EU login, the user has to request access to the Platforms by indicating the ERN they belong to and the institution they work for. The coordinator of the ERN will accept/ reject the request allowing the user to have access to the systems.

The CPMS will manage Patient data, therefore it is crucial to ensure privacy. To access this platform a second validation method will be required. A mobile phone must be linked to the EU account.

To access the CPMS login please follow the steps listed in the document "CPMS login"




ERNs’ virtual consultations are done through the CPMS IT platform, these advisory boards follows a series of steps listed below. In these boards experts across Europe are invited to collaborate in a consultation panel for a particular patient. 

For these advisory boards to be possible, there are two main applications in CPMS: Centre, where the user can enrol patients and open panels for any of the patients in the centre; and the ERN application, where users can actively participate in the ERN consultation panels, attend meetings, view webinars etc.

Steps in the CPMS virtual consultation:

Moreover, there are other tools available on CPMS that can be useful in the consultation process such as user manual, CPMS training webinars, informative documents, and map for the ERNs.



How to enrol a patient in CPMS? 

Patient enrolment within the CPMS can be done by any Health Professional of the Hospital.

In the CPMS there is Centre application where all the information regarding the user's Centre will be structured. The patient will be enrolled through this application, therefore any authorised users from the centre can see all patients enrolled within this centre regardless of enrolling user.

During the enrolment, the user will introduce personal information of the patient such as the name, date of birth and the date of enrolment. There is also a section in the enrolment form to indicate the informed consent of the patient, it is mandatory to have signed the consent for care in order to enrol the patient and open a consultation panel. To obtain more information about the informed consent please check the document " CPMS informed consent".

Once the enrolment form is finished the patient can be enrolled in CPMS.

The already enrolled patient will appear on the patient list of the Centre. A consultation panel can be now open for that patient.


To start a virtual consultation within CPMS, the user must open a panel for the patient in question. The panel can be opened by clicking the patient's name in the Centre patient list. 

 To open a panel the user will have to complete a consultation form containing the reason for the request and all the clinical information of the patient.

In the next step, experts in the field will be invited to collaborate and give advice in the virtual consultation.

The participants of the panel will have the opportunity to schedule meetings, make comments and discuss with the rest of the members about the case.

Finally, an outcome document is generated with the conclusion of the panel.




How can you contribute in a consultation panel as an expert within CPMS? 

The panels contributions are carried out through the ERN application of the CPMS.

As an expert, you will receive an invitation to participate in a consultation panel. You indicate whether you are interested or not in participating in the panel.

You can contribute to the panel by requesting additional data of the patient, making comments in the timeline, or attending/scheduling meeting with the rest of the panel members.

At the end of the assessment, all the members must record their contribution within the panel, they can see and comment other members contributions.

An Outcome document is decided by the Panel Lead, the rest of the panel members have the opportunity of revising the Outcome document and make comments on it.



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