TransplantChild Background

TransplantChild is an European reference Network focuses on a low prevalent and complex clinical condition in children and includes solid organ transplantation (SOT) / hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), multiple SOT or combined procedures,with a specific `cross-cutting approach´: `A process approach instead of a disease/ organ approach´

Transplantation in essence replaces

end-stage disease with a more sustainable chronic disease state and as such has profound clinical and psychosocial consequences, even more challenging in children, with more impact on the growing process.



The cross-cutting approach to transplantation vs organ disease approach


All transplanted children shift their primary disease to lifelong chronic condition or `disease´, mostly imposed by the necessary treatment regimens as immunosuppression to avoid rejection, requiring a proper monitoring and handling of post- transplant complications.

The new lifelong medical condition is common in many aspects to all transplanted children regardless the transplanted organ and it is even more complicated when several organs or an organ and HSCT are accomplished.

Ensuring permanent efforts for the routinely implementation and standardization of the most recent improvements in the transplantation process as a whole (at pre-transplant, transplant and post-transplant stage), this holistic procedure will improve the expectancy and long-term quality of life of children and their families.

These efforts are directly focussed on:

  • Improvement of the prevention mechanisms as well as surgical, preparative, care procedures and other technical issues;
  • Prevention of complications and secondary diseases related to transplantation;
  • The mechanisms associated with graft tolerance vs rejection;
  • Psychosocial care, education and other aspects related to quality of life.
  • Adulthood transition.
  • The impact on social and sustainability issues of these processes;
  • The patients and families’ empowerment.
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