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How do you become a member of  TransplantChild?


The directive 2011/24/EU is intended to provide a legal framework within the European Union (EU) to facilitate cross-border care. Article 12 requires the European Commission to support the Member States in the establishment of the ERN. The process how to become a member of an ERN is clearly defined in the Implementing Acts: a healthcare provider (HCP) wishing to become a member of an ERN will have to pass an assessment process based on the criteria in Delegated Decision (2014/286/EU) Annex II and on the Implementing Decision (2014/287/EU). This assessment will be composed of several steps:

  • the formal support/endorsement by the Member State in which the HCP is based (for further information an interested HCP should approach the relevant MS representative on the Board of Members States of ERNs and ensure they understand and abide by the agreed national process for endorsing HCPs (More information ). 
  • After passing an eligibility check a technical assessment composed of documentation review, teleconferences and on-site visits will follow. 
  • The final approval of the proposed ERN will take place by the Board of Member States.

Legal background

  • Directive 2011/24/EU  on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare;
  • Commission delegated decision  (annex) listing the criteria and conditions that healthcare providers and the ERNs should fulfil;
  • Commission implementing decision  (annex) containing criteria for establishing and evaluating ERNs, including the exchange and dissemination of information about the ERNs.

The ERN initiative receives support from several EU funding programmes, including the Health Programme, the Connecting Europe Facilityand Horizon 2020.


 If you are interested in joining to TRANSPLANTCHILD ERN or you any query, please Contact us:


Tel: +34 917 277 576

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