Clinical Practice Guidelines

Immunosuppression strategies to reduce toxicity in pediatric SOT and HSCT

ERN TransplantChild has developed the first clinical practice guideline for immunosuppression management in paediatric transplantation. The network has followed the Standers for guidelines development and using interoperable tools like COVIDENCE,  Review Manager and GRADEpro GDT.


1- Introduction to Clinical Practice Guidelines

2- Key points of Clinical Practice Guidelines

3- Results: Summary of Findings Table (SoF)

4- CPG: Development group

5- CPG: Risk of bias

6- CPG: Exercise 1: Study screening with COVIDENCE (Part1)

7- CPG: Exercise 1: Study screening with COVIDENCE (Part2)

8- CPG: Exercise 2: Review Manager

9- CPG: Exercise 3: Create a Summary of Findings (SoF) using GRADEpro GDT